Friday, November 4, 2016

This Song Goes Out to My Country...

I dedicate this song to my country, on the eve of our Presidential election. I know the election isn't until Tuesday, yet as my work week ends and darkness falls tonight, it feels like we are on the eve of it. And I feel like we (or maybe it's just me...but I think it's we) need an infusion of ...innocence, maybe. Sweetness, optimism, hope.

Things have gotten so ugly, so polarized, so dark, so divisive. I'm afraid for us. I'm ashamed of where we could go. Where some forces are pulling us. So tonight, I want to tune in to all that is good and inspiring about America. There is so much. May we join hands (in spirit anyway) and hearts, remember all that is good and great about our country, and have hope that it will carry the day. This song goes out as a loving prayer from me to/for my country.

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