Sunday, July 16, 2017

Trump + Vlad = Treason

I hope you all will watch the important interview of Bill Browder by Fareed Zakaria which I have linked below. Consider this fact: Vladimir Putin is the single richest man on planet earth. What does Donald Trump value? Money. Power. Putin and Trump: it's a match made in hell. I submit to you, follow the money and it will lead to the truth of just how in bed with, and beholden to, Putin and Russia's interests our sitting President is. He is not working for us. He is not working for America. He is working for Vlad. And that, my friends, is called treason.

Many (such as Rachel Maddow) have been connecting the money trail dots for a long time now, and I have full confidence that, sooner rather than later, the full picture will come into view so clearly that even the biggest dismissers of the Trump-Russia connection will see and understand. I stand by my prediction: Trump will be impeached and/or tender his resignation by Christmas. I plan to have eggnog. Possibly with rum (I don't drink, but an exception might need to be made, given the year I will, by that point, hopefully have lived through personally, and the year that our country will, by that point, have weathered).

We not only have a President who violates the constitution at every turn, and has conflicts of interest galore, we have a President who, because of one of those conflicts of interest--namely, being bought and paid for by Vladimir Putin--is acting not in the best interest of America but actually in the interest of a foreign enemy power.  What we have, folks, is a treasonous man occupying the White House.  We need to get all the facts via the investigations currently underway, and once there is enough evidence (which there will be--I've never been more certain of anything in my entire life), we need to impeach this treasonous con artist.  Democrats, Republicans, Independents, all of us need to come together on this, as President Donald J. Trump poses a clear and present danger to our country.

Bill Browder interview by Fareed Zakaria today, 7/16/2017

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