Saturday, March 18, 2017

I'll Say It Again: Pay Attention to the Tiny Man Behind the Curtain

This Smerconish dude first came to my attention when he was bashing my cherished alma mater (long story--won't even get into it) on the rarified air of CNN a few years back. My verdict was that I couldn't stand him.

Well, today, I find myself cheering "Right on!" to his musing that, as a lawyer himself, he thinks it would be very interesting if Obama were to SUE THE SHIT OUTTA (<--my terminology there, he just said "sue"...I like to spice things up) Trump for LIBEL, baby. My reaction is YES: it is SO clear cut!!!

Obama did NOT "wiretap" Trump Tower. Now, Trump could have been, and Trump associates/campaign people definitely HAVE been, picked up/intercepted in communications with Russians in surveillance of said Russians. But Obama absolutely did NOT wiretap Trump tower, as *everyone* and every organization in a position to know that for sure has stated already. And Trump, as President, could simply unclassify any evidence he has (which he has none of, since there is none) of this and show the American people what he is talking about.

The entire reason Trump made this claim, if *anyone* out there is stupid enough (sorry not sorry) to actually believe him or even wonder if it is true, is as follows, and this is 100% definite, says ME: he made this claim to ***DISTRACT*** the media and us, the American people, from uncovering (and covering, as in devoting resources, investigation and AIR TIME to) TRUMP'S TIES TO PUTIN/RUSSIA AND THE POSSIBLE COLLUSION OF THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN WITH RUSSIA TO INFLUENCE THE COURSE OF THE AMERICAN 2016 ELECTION. Period! It's total Wizard of Oz stuff: Trump wants us to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, but look at all the smoke and mirrors and special effects he is throwing up for us.

Do NOT buy this man's pathetic, utterly see-through attempt to DIVERT us from what is real and really important. And I agree with Smerconish on this one: Obama should sue Trump's disgusting, despicable self for LIBEL. He would win. As Smerconish said, he won't do it...he's too classy, he'll just ignore this diversion, which actually is another really good way to go--because the allegation is total SHIT, it is so obviously designed to divert our attention from Trump's Putin connections, and to make the news media all run around chasing its tail on this other thing, while meanwhile Trump's Putin connection, he HOPES, would drop off the radar. So, I agree with Smerconish that it would be beautiful, in a way--a satisfying, exposing-Trump-as-the-lying-idiot-he-is way--yet I actually, the more I am in the middle of writing this, realize that saying and doing NOTHING is the best response Obama can give. He has said it didn't happen, and that's it. That's all he should do. Don't even dignify this utter horse shit with a libel suit. That elevates it in a way. Leave it in the hole in the ground where it belongs. I just hope everyone sees this for what it is: a pathetic attempt by Trump to divert attention from the real, important investigation into Putin's interference in our election process, Trump's links to Putin, and Trump's likely collusion with Putin in interfering with our election.

Pull the curtain back and see the tiny man behind it, trying desperately to divert your attention with smoke and mirrors. Pay attention to what he is doing--to the buttons and levers he is pushing and pulling--not to the smoke and mirrors that said manipulations throw up all around you to distract you.

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