Sunday, February 19, 2017

When they go crude, we go green!

Throughout the campaign season, I shouted from the cyber-rooftops that one of the first things Trump would do as President would be to eviscerate environmental regulation in this country. Well, now he has actually appointed someone to head the EPA who wants to ABOLISH it.

Folks, here's what we, as individuals, have to do: we have to divest from fossil fuel interests, and invest in green, sustainable, renewable energy/interests. We have to practice, every day, in every big and small way, what Al Gore calls "sustainable capitalism".

How do we do this:

1. At the grocery store, buy foods that are sustainably raised, and boycott companies with fossil fuel interests.

2. If you have a 401(k) or 403(b) at work, call up your HR department and/or call the company providing your plan directly, and tell them you want them to divest from fossil fuel business interests. Ask them if they provide any green investment options for you as an individual investor to *CHOOSE*.

That's the key here: make choices anywhere and everywhere you can to buy green! Even the seemingly smallest purchase at the store makes a difference if we are ALL making those choices--buy organic, buy sustainable, buy ethical, buy green. If your heating system at your house goes belly up, look into going solar if possible. If your car goes belly up, can you afford an electric car? I probably cannot afford that, but then buy a car with excellent gas mileage--make that priority one about the car. Change your lawn from a lawn to native and/or xeriscaped plants that don't need watering once established. Are you in school? Speak to the administration about divesting from fossil fuel interests. Employers, colleges, churches, anything you are a member of, employee of, student at--tell the powers that be there that you want them to divest from fossil fuel interests and INVEST IN RENEWABLE ENERGY AND SUSTAINABLE, GREEN BUSINESSES IN GENERAL.

We now have a federal government run by fossil fuel interests. It is now more important, more crucial, than ever that we as individuals and private organizations make an end run around their gutting of environmental regulations, and CHOOSE GREEN. If no one buys fossil fuels, if there is no market for it, that will kill it. The only thing Big Business listens to is MONEY. You may not think you have any of the stuff but you do, even if all you do is shop in a grocery store.

Choose wisely, grasshoppers.

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