Friday, February 10, 2017

We Will Triumph Over Trump

On November 9, when I awoke to the news that Trump had won the election, I was terrified. Terrified with a kind of terror I can't put into words.

But since then, my faith in my fellow Americans, and in the strength of our country to survive Trump has been restored, inspired and amazed by seeing so many Americans, so consistently, so passionately, so bravely and doggedly stand up for what is right. We're marching in the streets. We're dissenting in ways big and seemingly small. We're wiping swastikas off subway walls.

Since then, I've begun to hope...and then to have faith...and then to really know, that our country will not only survive Trump, but we will triumph over Trump. The crisis that is the Donald Trump presidency is also an opportunity for those of us young enough to perhaps never have seen it as clearly as we can now to see the breathtaking brilliance, power, wisdom and resilience of our constitution...and the bravery and basic decency of the majority of our people. Yes, we'll survive. And we'll come out stronger, with renewed awe at, and love for, the true greatness that already is and always has been the United States of America.

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