Saturday, February 25, 2017

All Fascist Wannabes Go After the Free Press First

A friend posted on Facebook this morning about Trump's attacks on the press, writing "A free press is essential to democracy". To which I responded: Yes it is. And, even as stupid as Trump is, he knows that. Which is why he, like all fascist/dictator wannabes, is attacking and going after the press first. He's clearing a path.

I have been saying since the primary campaign, based on the things Trump said, the policies he put forward, and the dog whistles he consistently blew to his supporters, that this man is a fascist. I was told I was being overly dramatic. I will say it again: Trump is a FASCIST. He wants to make America a fascist country.

We cannot allow that. We have to keep doing exactly what we have been doing, in breathtakingly beautiful, inspiring fashion: we have to keep resisting: standing up, turning out, marching, chanting, holding signs, filling the switchboards, offices and town halls of our elected representatives, filling the streets, and refusing to be silenced.

"She was warned. She was told to stop. And yet she persisted."

We must persist in standing together, standing for each other, being indivisible, and protecting our constitution and democracy with everything we have, non-violently, as we have 100% been so far, because no matter how low Trump goes--and he's nowhere near his nadir yet--we *only* go high, we only go non-violent, we only go creative resistance, and we will triumph--look at history. And then look Trump in his beady little constitution-violating eyes and stare him the duck down. We will prevail.

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