Sunday, October 2, 2016

Trump will "fix it" alright: fix it for the 1%, ruin it for the rest of society.

Wait a minute, let me see if I have this:

So Trump pays no taxes, his surrogate (Giuliani) is running around today proclaiming that makes Trump a "genius", and Trump is tweeting out that he understands the tax system better than anyone in the world and, wait for it, that..."I alone can fix it."

Oh, mark my words, friends: he'll "fix" it alright. He'll fix it so that the 1% pays no taxes and the 99% pays all the taxes. We will have no money flowing in for government investment into our society.

Since 1980, the repugs have been convincing people that "cutting taxes" is a populist thing that helps them. Really, it HURTS 99% of the people and it hurts our entire society (infrastructure, education, health care, environment, etc.: everything). Even if the 99% pay a tad less in taxes under repugs than under Democrats, they pay and pay and pay and pay for that in so many other ways--WE pay and pay and pay and pay for that. I couldn't even afford to have one single, solitary child thanks to living under the thumb of Reaganomics and this attitude of laissez faire cconomics my entire adult life. What we REALLY need is democratic socialism, but we aren't going to get that--not now. However, thanks to Bernie and us Berners, the Democratic platform has inched in a better direction than what we have now, and it is, in fact, the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party. So don't we want to at least be moving in the right direction, versus being steered straight off a cliff by Trump and the repugs, yet AGAIN? If we do, then we need to vote for Hillary!  When will the 99% stop buying the LIES we are being told by the 1% and stop thinking that "cutting taxes" is a good thing for us or for society as a whole? It isn't. It also isn't patriotic--everyone should pay their fair share, in order to have a healthy, thriving society that uplifts us all.

Trump's brand of "fixing" will be the dysfunctional, unethical opposite: the many will be working ourselves into the ground to carry the few on our backs. Trickle down economics is NOTHING but welfare for those very few at the tippy top, at the expense of everyone and everything else. Anyone who tells you anything different is lying to you.

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