Monday, October 3, 2016

Pottersville in Perpetuity

Even though Trump is an orange disaster on two legs, his campaign is imploding before our very eyes, and Clinton is on the rise in the polls, I'm scared.

This is only October, and Clinton may be peaking early. I'm scared that all it would take would be, say, one terrorist attack, and suddenly the American people would go into xenophobic overdrive and fall into the arms of he who bellows about walls around the borders and banning all Muslims (which, by the way, is unconstitutional and should therefore disqualify Trump from being sworn in as POTUS, if he states he will do anything contrary to upholding the Constitution).

Michael Moore was on either CNN or MSNBC, either yesterday or at the crack of dawn this morning (what--my memory cells are shot), saying something I completely understood, as I feel the exact same way: he said he can't find the humor in the whole Trump-running-for-President thing, because he (Moore) is old enough to have lived through enough to know that it could actually happen--Trump could win. He said this isn't funny, this is basically extremely terrifying.

That's how I am feeling, too. Extremely terrified. It's not that I can't laugh at the humor of, for example, SNL's hilarious parody of the debate. When we lose our sense of humor, all is lost. But at the same time, I'm SERIOUSLY scared. It's been said so often that maybe it is not being taken seriously, but Donald Trump is unfit for the office of President of the United States of America.

So though he is tweeting and tanking and totally tailspinning, and I so want to REVEL in it...the Michael Moore part of me can't. I mean, speaking of Michael Moore, to this day, I cannot watch the first 15-ish minutes of "Fahrenheit 9.11" without breaking down crying, and we are talking sobbing. I remember 2000. Just a few votes can change the course of history. Even though that particular election was actually stolen by the FOBs (friends of Bush--like baby bro' and K. Harris), they probably would not have been able to pull that off, despite their best despicable efforts, had more people VOTED, and had some not voted third party in a crucial election with the best general election Presidential candidate of my lifetime running on the Democratic side.

We cannot allow history to repeat itself, as Trump would actually be, God help us, *worse* than shrub. WORSE. Than shrub! I know, I know, that seems impossible, yet it isn't--we are talking about Trump here: he'd be worse. And Hillary? She is running on the most progressive Democratic platform in history. She's not the "lesser of two evils", she's GOOD. So vote for her. Our country's life depends on it.

This is like 2000 on steroids, and the question is: do you want Bedford Falls or Pottersville? With shrub, with the 2000 election being stolen, we got Pottersville...but we're coming back from it slowly but surely now, and there is still time to save us. If we elect Donald J. Trump, there will be no going back: our country will become unrecognizable. Our constitution will be trashed. Trickle-down will be the law of the land, and we, my friends, will all be living in Pottersville in perpetuity.

Twitter version: for the love of God, please vote Clinton!

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