Sunday, October 2, 2016

It's trickle-down that put some Millennials "in their parents' basement": Hillary wants help them out, Trump wants to lock the door.

Trump is infuriating me this fine a.m.

Why? He's trying to run with Hillary's comments to donors at a fundraiser during the primary season, taking them--as have the media--totally out of context and trying to make them seem bad, even though, even out of context, they aren't bad at all--quite the contrary! What she was saying to her donors, during the primary season, is: she understands why a lot of Millennials are for Bernie. They are indeed "children of the Great Recession", as she put it.  This is not an insult! This is nothing that they caused, it is something that has impacted them--and all of us--greatly and, now some are indeed "living in their parents' basements"--that's just the reality:  many Millennials can't afford to move out of their parents' home, to get an apartment, condo or house. Again, she was NOT saying that this is their fault in any way, or anything for Millennials to be ashamed of!  On the contrary, she was TRYING to say she understands why they are frustrated and why a democratic socialism platform is appealing to them (p.s., it is appealing to them, to me--since 1981!--and to the millions of Bernie supporters of *all generations* because it is a functional, sane, ethical, healthy economic system and society, and it is what we desperately need to move to as a country, but I digress). She was saying this to donors, to say she understands where Bernie folks come from, why they (we) support him, and what they (we) want. She then went on to say or imply that she thinks it is idealistic and that "we" (meaning her campaign and her donors, to whom she was speaking) "don't want to discourage that". THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY ZERO WRONG OR OFFENSIVE IN WHAT SHE SAID.

This is just like the "Dean Scream" of an election past, or the mischaracterization in this election's primary of Sanders' supporters as "violent" at the Nevada state Democratic convention, when all that happened was a few merely "boo'ed" at the fact that proper process was NOT followed.  It is a FALSE NARRATIVE, being put out either originally by the media, or by Trump people and the media are running with it. Please, people, really listen to the entire thing she said and do not allow this thing to have legs.

But now we finally get to how Trump is infuriating me! He is now smearing Hillary, saying that she said that, and he is throwing in a bunch of other things that, as CNN points out, SHE NEVER SAID. And--the most smeary part, other than throwing in statements she never made--is that he is saying SHE was disrespectful to Sanders supporters with that statement. Now, I personally, as a profoundly passionate Sanders supporter, could indeed name you one time that she WAS disrespectful to Sanders' supporters during the heat of the primary season--but this wasn't it! At all. In any way shape or form!  In fact, she was expressing understanding for where we (especially the younger ones amongst us--but trickle-down Reaganomics, which this country has been dominated by for most of the past 36 years, hurts us ALL) are coming from and what we want, what our ideals are.

During the primary season, I listened to several Trump rallies--beginning to end, because God knows the media carried them all live in prime time, which they almost never did for Sanders or Clinton. Trump REPEATEDLY would single out protesters at his rallies and start snearinly, bullyingly saying: "It's a Bernie person. Beeeeernieeeeeeeee." Then he would go on to say, and I quote, as it never varied: "Folks, we are going to take our country back from these people. We are going to take it back."

As a Sanders supporter, I will never, EVER forget those words, or how chilling and seeing-red-inducing they were/are for me! YOU, Trump and your idiotic (sorry not sorry) supporters, are going to take YOUR country back from ME? So then this is not my country?

Do not forget, my fellow Sanders people, that Trump said that over and over and over again: he plans to take "his" country back from you, from us. Yet now he is saying Clinton was disrespectful to us by pointing out that the younger generation supports Sanders because they haven't had a fair shake?  How is that disrespectful?  I am hearing the OPPOSITE in that.  But from Trump, all during the primary season, I heard not only repeated disrespect, but outright THREATS.  Telling me as a Sanders' supporter, telling us as Sanders' supporters, that you are going to "take the country back from 'those people'", tells me that, in your eyes and under a Trump administration, this is not and would not be my country.  So how will you take it back from me, Trump?  Will I be going to a concentration camp?

I CRY MAJOR FOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He who has threatened to take my country away from me and all Sanders' supporters is saying Clinton was disrespectful to us when she pointed out that the Great Recession hurt Millennials and limited their opportunities?

So unfair. SO unfair. I can't stand unfairness and this is it. Please think about the above and be fair.

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