Thursday, April 4, 2013

Message from Home

Walking through sunshine chilled blue all around
Suddenly seized seeing mountains death bound
Filled with dark clarity
Forced to hear chime
Feeling sharp happening
Water, air, crime
Decimation, desolation
Desecration so near
Toxic spill, violent pill
Infusing all dear

Scream NO
Silent future reel seems so real
In sunshine I’m present, yet dark danger feel
Facing monster naked eyes cannot see pass
Mutant air surrounds green in sick silent cast
Stealthily slaying life like knife’s slow slash
Invisible death claiming all in its path

Stand here yet there hearing clearly through trees
Request for respect from familiar north breeze
Turn like a compass needle pointing toward home
Receiving perceiving magnet’s message alone
Future cries stop it now
Don’t let clock chime
Grab hands and hold still
To hope there’s still time

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