Thursday, November 15, 2012

Exit, Stage Right

I am profoundly disgusted and infuriated with Mitt Romney for his comments, which came to light yesterday, to donors to the tune that Obama won re-election because of "gifts" he provided to certain groups, such as Hispanics, African-Americans, young people, seniors, women, working people--you know, those pesky special interest groups known as THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, a.k.a., the mythical "47%" of self-entitled "victims" that Romney spoke of previously and has so much clear and shocking contempt for. While he has no problem with viewing corporations as people and thus entitled to certain rights and/or privileges and/or TAX BREAKS, he apparently looks at any policies that benefit actual citizens, actual PEOPLE of this country, as "gifts". How DARE people want health care, for example, or think it could actually be good policy for our country?

I think the Democratic policies and positions, such as being FOR everyone paying their fair share of taxes, are PATRIOTIC and not at all about being the entitled, whiny victims with our hands stuck out that Romney views the entire American electorate as being! We WANT to pay taxes, unlike YOU, Romney. Your policies were for cutting taxes to the richest 1% of American individuals and corporations, you don't think THAT is a "gift" calculated coldly to win an election and NOT in the best interest of this country as a whole? YOU are talking about yourself, you are confusing President Obama and the greedy, ugly picture you paint of the American people with YOURSELF.

Very often, when someone goes on and on about the supposed faults of another, s/he is really talking about her or himSELF. Such is the case here. And in the picture he paints of his view of the Americans who voted for President Obama, Romney paints a revealingly disgusting, despicable picture of himself.

His comments are delusional and utterly contemptuous towards the American people who voted for President Obama. He is saying that people only voted for Obama in light of what he could give them personally, not in light of what is best for this country. He fails utterly to see that some of us think that EVERYONE paying their fair share of taxes IS what is best for this country. That a good, sustainable health care system (not that I personally agree that Obamacare is a good, sustainable health care system, but I digress) is what is best for this country. Some of us feel that student loans, FEMA, roads, bridges, greening the economy, funding education, and YES, even providing birth control (GASP!), IS what is good for this country!  And we feel that way even if we as individuals may never need some of those things ourselves.  We voted for what we think is best for our COUNTRY.

We are not selfish, spoiled children with our hands stuck out, waiting for "gifts", Mr. Romney. That would be YOU. That would be YOUR constituency. So why don't you accept the fact that you lost the election fair and square due to an electorate that loves our country at least every bit as much as your supporters do, and that voted its conscience to do what is best for our country. You have missed your opportunity to exit gracefully to stage right. At least please now exit quietly to stage right. We have heard more than enough out of you.