Friday, April 15, 2011

ACTION ALERT: Tell the President and Congress No Subsidies for New Nukes!

I'm unabashedly using my little peppermint part of cyberspace here to put forth an urgent call to action to all readers of the US citizen variety:  this is a democracy, so let's GET ACTIVE and tell our representatives that we do not want a nuclear future, we want a green future!  In this time of severe budget cutting, we don't want 36 billion in the budget to subsidize new nuclear power plants.  That is, quite simply and accurately put, insanity!  And yet, as of this writing, that is what is in the proposed budget.  I mean:  36 billion dollars to subsidize a toxic, failed industry that is a path to nothing but doom?  That is NOT an exaggeration:  the nuclear path is a path to more Three Mile Islands and Chernobyls and Fukushimas.  NO thank you.

Hear us, dear government of ours:  Take that 36 billion and invest it in a truly sustainable energy future, namely in solar, wind and geothermal.  How do we have 36 billion to throw at a failed, deadly private industry when we are talking about cuts to programs that help actual citizens such as children, families, seniors, and basically everyone else?  We allegedly can't afford Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security (which, by the way, we all pay into all of our working lives, so let's not go there re cutting it now or in the future, or this blog will take a wild veer and severe ranting will ensue), funding our children's public school system or our nation's first responders and infrastructure, but we can somehow come up with a whopping 36 billion dollars to subsidize an industry that is both literally and figuratively highly radioactive?  I don't think so!

Greenpeace has set up an easy, quick way for us all to contact President Obama and our specific elected Congressional Representatives to let them know we do NOT want the proposed 36 billion dollars for subsidizing new nuclear plants to stay in the budget.  I beg you, my dear peppermint readers, to take a few moments, click on the link I've provided below to to that page of their site, and let your government know that you don't want your tax dollars going to a radioactive future, you want a truly clean, green, sustainable future for your children, their children, their children's children, and on out into the future for as long as there is a sun above us to power it.

Greenpeace's action opportunity to tell the President and Congress: no subsidies for new nukes!

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