Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adopt an Animal, Save a World

There are several horrifying, infuriating stories of cruelty to animals in the news today. I suggest, to anyone wanting to channel their outrage and concern in a positive, helpful way, that you consider adopting a cat or dog from a shelter or reputable rescue organization. There are so many wonderful animals needing good homes. If you are able to help, why not make someone's LIFE and become a loving forever home? It’s true that you can’t save them all, but maybe you can save one (or two!). Same song, verse two: you can’t save the whole world, but you can be all the difference in the world to the one you do save.

The only way I know of to counter the violence, cruelty and indifference in this world is with respect, love and caring. Adopting a stray or shelter cat or dog and giving that animal a lifetime of the aforementioned respect, love and caring is a wonderful way to, as Gandhi said, "be the change you wish to see in the world." When you realize this, you realize that saving one little fur-clad soul helps save the whole world.

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