Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pay Attention to the Tiny Man Behind the Curtain

This Smerconish dude first came to my attention when he was bashing my cherished alma mater (long story--won't even get into it) on the rarified air of CNN a few years back. My verdict was that I couldn't stand him.

Well, today, I find myself cheering "Right on!" to his musing that, as a lawyer himself, he thinks it would be very interesting if Obama were to SUE THE SHIT OUTTA (<--my terminology there, he just said "sue"...I like to spice things up) Trump for LIBEL, baby. My reaction is YES: it is SO clear cut!!!

Obama did NOT "wiretap" Trump Tower. Now, Trump could have been, and Trump associates/campaign people definitely HAVE been, picked up/intercepted in communications with Russians in surveillance of said Russians. But Obama absolutely did NOT wiretap Trump tower, as *everyone* and every organization in a position to know that for sure has stated already. And Trump, as President, could simply unclassify any evidence he has (which he has none of, since there is none) of this and show the American people what he is talking about.

The entire reason Trump made this claim, if *anyone* out there is stupid enough (sorry not sorry) to actually believe him or even wonder if it is true, is as follows, and this is 100% definite, says ME: he made this claim to ***DISTRACT*** the media and us, the American people, from uncovering (and covering, as in devoting resources, investigation and AIR TIME to) TRUMP'S TIES TO PUTIN/RUSSIA AND THE POSSIBLE COLLUSION OF THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN WITH RUSSIA TO INFLUENCE THE COURSE OF THE AMERICAN 2016 ELECTION. Period! It's total Wizard of Oz stuff: Trump wants us to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, but look at all the smoke and mirrors and special effects he is throwing up for us.

Do NOT buy this man's pathetic, utterly see-through attempt to DIVERT us from what is real and really important. And I agree with Smerconish on this one: Obama should sue Trump's disgusting, despicable self for LIBEL. He would win. As Smerconish said, he won't do it...he's too classy, he'll just ignore this diversion, which actually is another really good way to go--because the allegation is total SHIT, it is so obviously designed to divert our attention from Trump's Putin connections, and to make the news media all run around chasing its tail on this other thing, while meanwhile Trump's Putin connection, he HOPES, would drop off the radar. So, I agree with Smerconish that it would be beautiful, in a way--a satisfying, exposing-Trump-as-the-lying-idiot-he-is way--yet I actually, the more I am in the middle of writing this, realize that saying and doing NOTHING is the best response Obama can give. He has said it didn't happen, and that's it. That's all he should do. Don't even dignify this utter horse shit with a libel suit. That elevates it in a way. Leave it in the hole in the ground where it belongs. I just hope everyone sees this for what it is: a pathetic attempt by Trump to divert attention from the real, important investigation into Putin's interference in our election process, Trump's links to Putin, and Trump's likely collusion with Putin in interfering with our election.

Pull the curtain back and see the tiny man behind it, trying desperately to divert your attention with smoke and mirrors. Pay attention to what he is doing--to the buttons and levers he is pushing and pulling--not to the smoke and mirrors that said manipulations throw up all around you to distract you.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

All Fascist Wannabes Go After the Free Press First

A friend posted on Facebook this morning about Trump's attacks on the press, writing "A free press is essential to democracy". To which I responded: Yes it is. And, even as stupid as Trump is, he knows that. Which is why he, like all fascist/dictator wannabes, is attacking and going after the press first. He's clearing a path.

I have been saying since the primary campaign, based on the things Trump said, the policies he put forward, and the dog whistles he consistently blew to his supporters, that this man is a fascist. I was told I was being overly dramatic. I will say it again: Trump is a FASCIST. He wants to make America a fascist country.

We cannot allow that. We have to keep doing exactly what we have been doing, in breathtakingly beautiful, inspiring fashion: we have to keep resisting: standing up, turning out, marching, chanting, holding signs, filling the switchboards, offices and town halls of our elected representatives, filling the streets, and refusing to be silenced.

"She was warned. She was told to stop. And yet she persisted."

We must persist in standing together, standing for each other, being indivisible, and protecting our constitution and democracy with everything we have, non-violently, as we have 100% been so far, because no matter how low Trump goes--and he's nowhere near his nadir yet--we *only* go high, we only go non-violent, we only go creative resistance, and we will triumph--look at history. And then look Trump in his beady little constitution-violating eyes and stare him the duck down. We will prevail.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Man Behind the Curtain

People: Trump is amping up his tirades against the media for the purpose of discrediting the free press in the minds (such as they are) of his supporters. Why? Because he knows damn well that evidence is going to come up to link him to Putin, to show that he is compromised by Putin/Russia and therefore can't be trusted at all, even just due to that one reason--though there are so many other conflicts of interest when it comes to Trump, too--to put the interests of the United States first. In the case of Russia, we are talking about an enemy foreign power run by a murdering thug KGB dictator. Trump's allegiance seems to be to said murdering thug and not to the United States of America. That's what he's trying desperately to distract you from realizing.

Trump running around demonizing the press is a tactic that he, and all fascists and wannabe fascists use to control the people.

Think of the Wizard of Oz. He had and used a lot of smoke and mirrors to deflect from people seeing the tiny-handed (couldn't resist) man behind the curtain, who really didn't have magical powers and couldn't deliver on anything he promised. But at least the Wizard was "an old Kansas man" with a good heart. Trump does NOT have a good heart. And we are all definitely not in Kansas anymore. So don't be fooled by the smoke and mirrors.

When they go crude, we go green!

Throughout the campaign season, I shouted from the cyber-rooftops that one of the first things Trump would do as President would be to eviscerate environmental regulation in this country. Well, now he has actually appointed someone to head the EPA who wants to ABOLISH it.

Folks, here's what we, as individuals, have to do: we have to divest from fossil fuel interests, and invest in green, sustainable, renewable energy/interests. We have to practice, every day, in every big and small way, what Al Gore calls "sustainable capitalism".

How do we do this:

1. At the grocery store, buy foods that are sustainably raised, and boycott companies with fossil fuel interests.

2. If you have a 401(k) or 403(b) at work, call up your HR department and/or call the company providing your plan directly, and tell them you want them to divest from fossil fuel business interests. Ask them if they provide any green investment options for you as an individual investor to *CHOOSE*.

That's the key here: make choices anywhere and everywhere you can to buy green! Even the seemingly smallest purchase at the store makes a difference if we are ALL making those choices--buy organic, buy sustainable, buy ethical, buy green. If your heating system at your house goes belly up, look into going solar if possible. If your car goes belly up, can you afford an electric car? I probably cannot afford that, but then buy a car with excellent gas mileage--make that priority one about the car. Change your lawn from a lawn to native and/or xeriscaped plants that don't need watering once established. Are you in school? Speak to the administration about divesting from fossil fuel interests. Employers, colleges, churches, anything you are a member of, employee of, student at--tell the powers that be there that you want them to divest from fossil fuel interests and INVEST IN RENEWABLE ENERGY AND SUSTAINABLE, GREEN BUSINESSES IN GENERAL.

We now have a federal government run by fossil fuel interests. It is now more important, more crucial, than ever that we as individuals and private organizations make an end run around their gutting of environmental regulations, and CHOOSE GREEN. If no one buys fossil fuels, if there is no market for it, that will kill it. The only thing Big Business listens to is MONEY. You may not think you have any of the stuff but you do, even if all you do is shop in a grocery store.

Choose wisely, grasshoppers.

Friday, February 10, 2017

We Will Triumph Over Trump

On November 9, when I awoke to the news that Trump had won the election, I was terrified. Terrified with a kind of terror I can't put into words.

But since then, my faith in my fellow Americans, and in the strength of our country to survive Trump has been restored, inspired and amazed by seeing so many Americans, so consistently, so passionately, so bravely and doggedly stand up for what is right. We're marching in the streets. We're dissenting in ways big and seemingly small. We're wiping swastikas off subway walls.

Since then, I've begun to hope...and then to have faith...and then to really know, that our country will not only survive Trump, but we will triumph over Trump. The crisis that is the Donald Trump presidency is also an opportunity for those of us young enough to perhaps never have seen it as clearly as we can now to see the breathtaking brilliance, power, wisdom and resilience of our constitution...and the bravery and basic decency of the majority of our people. Yes, we'll survive. And we'll come out stronger, with renewed awe at, and love for, the true greatness that already is and always has been the United States of America.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

America is not walls and bans, it is tolerance and pluralism!

America is not about walls and bans, and "us" and "them". America is great because we are a nation of immigrants, we are a pluralistic nation. THAT is what is most inspiring, wonderful and special about us--that's what makes us great! Our tolerance and our pluralism are our greatest inspiration to the world and our greatest strength as a nation. And if we build walls, enact bans, infuriate our neighbors to the south, turn people away at the airport who have been told they could come here, and who want nothing more than to live the American dream...or at least to LIVE, not to be sent back to certain death, then we are willingly giving up what actually makes us great in the name of barricading ourselves behind false protections. What really protects us is our constitution, and our welcoming hearts. Without those, we might as well wave the white flag now, because we are done.

We are done when we become unrecognizable to ourselves.  We are done when we move from welcoming democracy to walled fascist state.

My dear fellow Americans:  we need to fight--show up and stand up--for the constitution now. We need to come together and not let those who would divide us for their own ends succeed in doing that. We need to protect and defend our constitution and each other. And I will just add that I am so profoundly heartened to see so many people doing just that. From the Women's March last week, which I participated in and which gave me great inspiration, renewed faith in my fellow Americans, and hope, to the many, many people who showed up in the freezing cold to JFK airport last night, and to many other airports both last night and today (and to the White House), chanting "Let them in!  Let them in!", we are showing up to stand up for our democracy.

The whole world is watching...and hopefully seeing that there are more of us than there are of Trump and those who support his hateful world view.  And that we will keep on showing up and speaking up.

Not that many years ago at all, in terms of human history, some of my own Jewish people came here on boats, fleeing for their lives from Nazi Germany.  Surely America would take them in.  But no, America turned them away.  They were sent back to their deaths in concentration camps.  I'm lucky because my mom's side of the family, also German Jews, had come here before WWII.  We were already here.  Already safe.  But I see my family's faces in the faces of those German Jews, captured in photographs, who weren't so lucky.  And I can never let it happen again.  I can't be like "the Good Germans" who turned away and said they "didn't know".  Maybe some of them didn't know.

But in America today, we have no excuse, no way to say "We didn't know".  We have a free press and we have news coming in from all over the world.  We have the internet--they didn't have that in WWII.  They didn't have Facebook.  They didn't have the face of a 5-year-old boy, who had been bombed, sitting shell-shocked and wounded in an ambulance in Aleppo staring back at them.  But we do.  We know.  We know what is going on in Syria.  Are we going to let our President just slam the door on refugees from there, who are fleeing for their very lives?  Are we going to turn away?  Or are we going to show ourselves and the world what America really stands for, emphasis on "stands for"?  Let's rise up and demand that our President let them in!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

He had to put a Schlafley on it.

Breaking: Trump just said "Phyllis Schlafley was a great lady."

Evidently, we weren't already sufficiently terrified tonight. He had to put a Schlafley on it.