Thursday, February 15, 2018

The 2nd Amendment Was Never Meant to Enable Mass Murder

We need to ban automatic, military assault-type rifles in this country, PERIOD. There is absolutely no mention in the 2nd amendment of anyone’s right to walk around with a weapon of mass murder. And don’t argue that people will just buy these guns on the black market if they can’t get them legally: people do a lot of illegal things even when they are illegal, but that doesn’t mean that we should just have no laws!!! People commit murder even though it is illegal, should we just throw up our hands and make murder legal? Of course not. States that have tougher gun laws have fewer gun deaths, that is just a FACT. Countries that have tougher gun laws have far fewer of these horrific massacres.

We need to attack our gun violence problem in this country from many angles. There is no one magic solution. We need to fight it like you would fight any disease: attack the symptoms, attack the root cause, and try to make the patient healthier in a holistic way. But just because banning assault rifles isn’t going to completely fix our inherent, systemic and highly intractable gun violence problem in this country/culture, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. On the contrary: automatic assault weapons can mow down hundreds of people in SECONDS. This is madness!!! There is absolutely NO justification—least of all a constitutional one—for citizens to be legally able to get one of these weapons, PERIOD!

We, the people, ARE more powerful than the NRA. I don’t care how much money they throw at our elected representatives, if WE make it crystal clear to said representatives that WE WILL NOT VOTE FOR THEM UNLESS THEY ENACT SANE, SENSIBLE GUN CONTROL LAWS, INCLUDING BANNING AUTOMATIC ASSAULT WEAPONS COMPLETELY, AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL, then they will do it. Because, last time I checked (and, with our current president, you never know if this could be changing!), it is still one person, one vote. WE still have the power, people! So pick up that cell phone with the long-distance included in the price you pay anyway, and CALL YOUR CONGRESSPERSON, AND YOUR SENATOR. We need to heal our culture from this crazy love affair that we have with guns, and that will take approaching it from many, many disparate angles, as I said. But one thing we can do IMMEDIATELY is BAN AUTOMATIC ASSAULT WEAPONS. We can demand this and make it happen. Rhymes-with-DUCK the NRA! Call your representatives now: (202) 224-3121.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

2017 Season's Greetings...

Treason is the reason for impeaching Trump this season.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Short and Not Sweet RANT

Reaganomics:  The gift that keeps on TAKING.  Robbing from 99.99% of Americans and the health of our society as a whole, while calling it "tax cuts" since 1980.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Blue blue electric blue...

I find it fascinating that SUDDENLY, everyone and every news outlet is saying that, if the Republican Party doesn't stand up to this disgusting Moore character, they're finished. Um, no one said anything when the Access Hollywood tape came out re Trump. No one said anything back when primary candidate Trump called for "a complete and total ban on Muslims entering the United States", re--and I did say this, quite vociferously, but I mean, no news outlets were saying it and really no one seemed that outraged about it--that he just disqualified himself for becoming a Presidential nominee, by virtue of vowing to do something unconstitutional. I said then that the RNC should disqualify Trump from continuing on in their field of nominees. No one listened to the few lone voices like moi saying that. No one listened to anyone re the "pussy grabber" tape, either.

Yet now that some repug down in Alabama is revealed to be a sexual predator, the repug party is in mortal danger if they don't cut him loose? Why didn't they cut Trump loose when he vowed to up-end the constitution that he would have to swear to uphold if elected POTUS? Why didn't they cut Trump loose after the Access Hollywood tape, which was Trump in his own words?

Nobody seems to care what Trump does. Oh, except for all of us Americans who are in the MAJORITY and who voted for another candidate over him by a margin of over 3 million votes. Ah, now I see the difference: maybe the repugs and the news media got a wake up call last Tuesday? Maybe a little realization of how deep the BLUE sea is out here in the country has made them realize they'd better at least try to fake being a decent and law abiding party.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hey, Bernie and Hillary supporters: it's long past time for us to unite.

Man. I started following someone on Twitter because she had some cool tweet (can't even remember what it was, but I thought she was cool). So just now I see that she has a tweet bashing Bernie and Bernie supporters, and accusing him of being divisive (which is the actual polar opposite of the truth--Bernie constantly talks about not letting demagogues divide us up, and how we have to stand together) and saying he cost Hillary the election (again--not true: he ENDORSED her in the general, and ran the epitome of a respectful, civil and very substantive primary campaign, even REFUSING steadfastly to be goaded/spun into any personal attacks in media interviews).

It is so discouraging to see the bitterness and blame of Hillary supporters toward Bernie and Bernie supporters, and the bitterness and blame of Bernie supporters toward Hillary and Hillary supporters. It really is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past high time that we all came together now, people. No, we don't see things exactly the same way, but we really have so much more in common than not. We need to unite to resist the orange fascist wannabe. Seriously, stop looking back and look forward at the oncoming locomotive.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

We Must Resist

Seven months in, this is America under Trump. We must #resist and fight hate with our hearts, minds, bodies and souls, and with our laws/constitution, our refusal to let anyone or any rhetoric divide us up, our voices, our feet in the streets, our presence in town halls and voicemail messages and voting booths, and, most of all, our love. We must show up, stand up and speak up for each other, and for what our special, inspirational, beautiful America is really all about.

We must RESIST. Stand together. Face down hate and divisiveness with love and unity. Trump's nightmare vision of America will NEVER triumph over the American dream.

Seven months in...

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Connect the Dots: Jared + VEB = Trump is Putin's Puppet

Postscript to my last post (Trump + Vlad = Treason), just in case anyone is wondering what dots, exactly, I was talking about being connected. Here's an example: Jared's December meeting with the Kremlin's VEB Bank operatives. Rachel Maddow sounded the the alarm on this months ago. Now everyone is finally starting to connect the dots. Again, I simply say: follow the money. It will directly lead to the bedroom of Trump and Putin, and I would strongly advise that you knock first before barging in, because they are definitely in bed together: