Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Close, But Still No Cigar

On Tuesday, I blogged about how President Obama should stop "constantly evolving" on the issue of marriage equality and evolve already. Well, I have to take a minute out of my stressful day and blog via thumb typing on my mobile phone (trust me, that indicates a strong desire to blog!) to give him credit, for today he came out in favor of marriage equality. He is the first President of the United States to do so. As Vice President Biden said a while back on another issue, "It's a big BLEEPING deal."

That said, it is not enough. President Obama still says it is up to each individual state to decide the issue for itself. That is incorrect. Marriage equality, the right to marry who you love, is a constitutional issue. It's as federal as it gets. When it was determined that "separate but equal" was really not equal, it was not left up to the states to decide. Everybody can drink from the same water fountains, sit anywhere they want on the bus, etc., IN ALL THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

The constitution grants equal rights for all. This means equal marriage rights no matter the gender or sexual orientation of those seeking to marry. Thank you for stating that you support equal marriage rights, President Obama. Now we just need you to say that it isn't just your newly-evolved personal opinion, it is a constitutional civil right that should be the law of the land.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Evolve Already!

Hey, President Obama, listen up:

You are 50 years old and you are President of the United States of America. You are intelligent and you have studied the constitution. Yet you say that your position on marriage equality regardless of sexual orientation is “constantly evolving”? I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to GROW A BACKBONE and fulfill your DUTY to uphold the constitution of the United States of America, which clearly says there should be equality for ALL citizens under the law.

I adore Joe Biden, but I will stipulate to the fact that he is a bit gaffe-prone. However, what he said in support of marriage equality was NOT a gaffe! His position was both the moral one and, more importantly for you in your role as President, the one that upholds the rule of constitutional law. He is a scholar of constitutional law, Mr. President. He is also a decent human being. He is also your Vice President. BACK HIM UP. BACK UP WHAT IS RIGHT. BACK UP WHAT IS CONSTITUTIONAL.

Your opinion of marriage equality is “constantly evolving”? Well, EVOLVE ALREADY! EVOLVE!

Now, you know, I can’t stand you as it is, for a number of substantive reasons that date back to the 2007/8 primary campaign and continue to pile up to the present day. I will not enumerate them all here, although it is TEMPTING. My point is, I don’t think, nor have I ever thought, you are this great leader and change agent that most everyone else on the left thought you were going to be (most of them are fully disabused of that notion by now). However, I voted for you. What choice did I have? And I will vote for you again. What choice do I have? Is that what you are counting on, Mr. President? Is that why you take the liberal vote for granted? Is that why you kiss the intolerant butt of the right-wing fundamentalist crowd on this and other issues? Because you know you already have most of the gay vote and the liberal vote, so you figure, let me go after the tea partiers? Well, guess what, O? They are not going to vote for you! Period. So why not dance with the ones that brung you? Why not excite and energize your liberal base?

Mr. President, why not DO THE RIGHT THING? Why not, just for a lark, fulfill your sworn duty to uphold the constitution of these United States, and SUPPORT MARRIAGE EQUALITY? EVOLVE ALREADY!